California Summer Heat


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAddAAAAJDRhMmRlMTE3LTEwMGEtNDEwYy05YTE3LTE0YjcyNjcwYjIyYwCalifornia is an interesting place to live for many non-natives. I still remember my very first summer, having moved from the MidWest where i grew up. We moved here at the end of May and the temperatures were in the 80s and 90s. For a guy who grew up understanding May to be the month when things begin to warm up (50s and 60s) and the snow finally dissipates this was a very pleasant change. Things were green, the temperatures were beautiful and I was loving it.

We moved into June and temperatures continued to rise and were consistently in the 90s. Although that would be considered unbearably hot in the MidWest, the dry heat was much more tolerable. The green was beginning to wear off and things were beginning to become brown. I still had not seen a drop of rain since being in California and that was a huge shock for me since I was used to summer time rain every few days. However, I was still enjoying the weather overall.

One of the things that made life much more enjoyable was that we enjoyed a pleasant Delta breeze every evening and would open up the windows as soon as the sun began to set. That also allowed us to avoid turning on the A/C much despite the hot temperatures.

Once July came, I was really entering into climate shock. The temperatures were now beginning to break into the triple digits periodically and there was not a single cloud in the sky. Rain was nowhere to be found. Then came August with its consistent triple digits and the usual lack of rain. September and October very slowly began to cool, but we didn’t see even a trace of clouds until the end of October. The first drop of rain came in November.

Over the next five years we moved first to Turlock (minimal Delta breeze) and then to Fresno (no Delta breeze and triple digits begin in June. Although I am no longer stuck in the middle of climate shock, it is still quite a difference from where I grew up. It’s unheard of to think that temperatures are still in the 90s until well into the early morning hours. There is no reprieve from the brutal sun and rain is seen as often as the Lochness Monster.

Needless to say, when we moved to Fresno, one of the first calls we made was to a friend to inquire about getting solar. We knew that we would no longer get any help from the Delta breeze and we had no desire to pay $400-$500 electric bills to make it through the summer heat.

One of the best decisions we’ve ever made! We no longer have to sweat it out by leaving the A/C at 80 or 82 just so we can afford the electricity. We keep our house at a comfortable 73-75. Coming in from the outside feels like being welcomed into paradise. I still don’t get to enjoy rain during the summer, but at least I can rest comfortably in the confines of my own home rather than needing to find reprieve at a local Starbucks or shopping center.

People have all sorts of reasons for investing in rooftop solar. For some, it’s what I just described of trying to enjoy their homes without chopping off an arm or leg to pay for it. For others, it’s trying to be environmentally conscious and responsible with the earth we live on. There are the financial elements of saving money to use towards other things. Some are capitalizing on the tax incentive credit offered through 2019. Whatever the reason, for those living in the Central Valley, there are a plethora of reasons to go solar, and very few not to. With current incentives, competition, and pricing, there’s never been a better time to invest in solar. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote to see just how much you could save. Stay cool.

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